Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Willow Spring Decor - FREE!

spring hand tied arrangement

Devin and I went to Wyoming last week to visit our family. On the drive out there, we passed some beautiful red willow branches on the road. Naturally, I made Devin pull over so we could go out and clip some.

spring hand tied arrangement

This particular willow grows in the Western States. They are the most red in the spring. You can also purchase them at most craft stores.

Willow bushes (frequently found by river beds)

Go out and find some red willow bushes. When you are cutting your branches,  you want to cut the new growth, that is where it is the most vibrant red. Look for long, singular branches when possible.

Bring home and arrange in a vase or create a spiral hand tied arrangement like mine and set on your mantel or vignette. I decided to try making a video to explain how to make a spiral hand tied arrangement:


If you did your spiral right, it should look like this and will be free standing:
spring hand tied arrangement

Good luck making your own spring arrangement!
spring hand tied arrangement

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Amanda Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I love the look of the willow branches. I will have to watch out for some when we head to Wyoming this fall, or maybe I will steal some that are leftover from my brothers wedding;)

Amanda Joy

Kristie @ Making Life a Bliss said...

Hey Amanda!

Spring is the best time to clip willows. That is when they are the most vibrant. You can find them in more areas than Wyoming!

Devonay said...

I live in Indiana and have never seen these. They're so beautiful!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow what pretty red in those branches!! What a great idea!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I love the height you can get with this kind of arrangement! It looks wonderful.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I'm so impressed, lovely!

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

That is so funny! I totally need some red sticks/reeds! And we do have these willows by us. I need to get out and clip some soon. I highlighted this at

Katie @ OhhBaby said...

We have really pretty branches that fall from our trees in our front yard on a daily basis. I plan to use them in our housetoo! no shame! :)

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor said...

What a fun and easy decor option! They turned out so cute!